Features Making CBI Grinders Popular With Contractors

Features Making CBI Grinders Popular With Contractors

When it comes to wood processing equipment, CBI is, without doubt, a market leader. The company has been releasing a number of models of wood grinders in the market, and today, they have an extensive collection of machines you can pick from. But what makes CBI grinders stand out from the most of the available alternatives? Well, there are several features that make these machines popular with contractors. In this article, we are going to look at some of the crucial features that CBI grinders stand out.

Metal Detecting System

One of the key features that the modern CBI grinders are offering is metal detecting. This is a feature that is designed to address if the problem of grinder teeth breaking and blunting due to foreign particles such as metals. With this, you will be able to know if there are metallic components in the material you are grinding. That will also help to protect anvils, screen, and rotor. So the impact that metal detection feature has on the CBI grinders is huge.

Excellent Engine Power

One other thing that you will love about CBI grinders is the engine power that they offer. The company has been generous with their machine when it comes to the power of the motor. Depending on the size of the plant that you want to set up, they have perfect grinders for you. With grinders with 765 HP engines and above, you definitely have all the kind wood grinders that you need.

Large Capacity Hoppers

The size of the hoppers is another feature that makes CBI grinders stand out from most of the available alternatives. Depending on the machine that you are selecting from, there are numerous sizes of hoppers that come with these machines. But one thing that stands out is that their hoppers are relatively bigger than what some of the brands provide.

High Ground Clearance

For better wood grinding, especially for a mobile wood grinder, the ground clearance is a crucial factor to consider. For the CBI grinders, they are designed to offer incredibly good ground clearance which makes working these grinders pretty easy.

Rugged Body

When it comes to the longevity of the machine, you need to consider the quality of the body as well as that of wear parts. CBI grinders come with a rugged body which makes them extremely powerful even in demanding conditions. The quality of wear parts is also unrivaled.

These are 5 features that make CBI grinders stand out.

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